An Eyelid Surgeon’s Top 7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Latisse

An Eyelid Surgeon’s Top 7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Latisse

If you are going to invest in your lashes, how do you get the most out of Latisse (Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution)?

  1. Make it a routine.

Because I prefer that my Latisse application does not interact with other creams and makeup products, it is the last thing I sweep across my lids before bed. Every night 

  1. Use the brushes in the pack.

Seems a little crazy that this product comes with about a million small brushes for such a small product, but it’s a good idea to use a clean, new applicator each night.

  1. Don’t waste it!

One drop onto the brush per eyelid. More product does not mean longer lashes—it only means Latisse dripping down your face.

  1. Upper eyelids only.

It’s not intended for lower lid application, so don’t waste it here. The bigger bang for your buck is lengthening your upper lid lashes–there are over three times more of them 

  1. Stick with it.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get overnight results. After one month of applying every day, most people see a difference in length of lashes.

  1. Tell your doctor if you are experiencing irritation.

You’ll read many articles about the possible darkening of your eye color but the much

more common side effect is eyelid irritation. This may be minor, but definitely worth letting your doctor know.

  1. Use the real thing!

There are many imitators coming out on the market these days, but none of them work the way Latisse does—and none of them have the FDA and scientific research behind them.

A note on side effects and safety information:

Do not use Latisse if you are allergic to Latisse or it’s ingredients, have glaucoma, or are currently treating it with medicated eye drops. Do not use Latisse if you are pregnant, possibly pregnant, or breastfeeding. Latisse may cause brown darkening of the colored part of the eye which is likely permanent or may cause eyelid skin darkening which may be reversible. If discontinued, lashes gradually return to previous appearance. For more information on contraindications, interactions, and potential side effects, please read the risks and benefits in important safety information.

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