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Dry eyes is a common eye condition that occurs when your tears aren’t able to nourish your eyes with adequate lubrication. Familiar with how uncomfortable dry eyes are, and how they give you an unsettling feeling, EllevateMD treats your condition with a personalized touch. If the following symptoms are impairing your vision or giving you discomfort, then it’s about time you underwent a dry eye evaluation.

  • Eye Redness
  • A Sensation of Having Something in Your Eye
  • A Burning, Scratchy & Stinging Sensation
  • Difficulty When Wearing Contact Lenses
  • Difficult When Driving at Night
  • Experiencing Sensitivity to Light
  • Stringy Mucus Around or in Your Eyes

Through clinically diagnosing and conducting dry eye evaluations, Dr. Jayaram can provide patients the relief and comfort they seek. Being a common, yet complex condition, Dr. Jayaram at EllevateMD relieves the grittiness and burning sensation you’re experiencing with expertise. With an ophthalmologist being the best choice for your given condition, Dr. Jayaram brings her board-certified ophthalmology expertise for giving you the best eye-care possible. Moreover, believing in educating and informing our clientele, we provide you appropriate information prior to administering any test or procedure.

A Comprehensive Dry Eye Evaluation with Ellevate

If severe and persistent dry eyes are causing you problems, then undergoing our dry eye evaluation can help you get a specialist’s opinion. Our approach when conducting dry eye evaluations is:

  • Well-aware of how appropriate testing and examination is necessary for formulating customized solutions, we carry out a comprehensive eye exam. This eye-exam includes an overview of your general health and your eye health. Drawing upon this information, Dr. Jayaram diagnoses the root cause of your dry eyes.
  • By using a Schirmer test, Dr. Jayaram measures your tear production. This test includes placing blotting stripes under your lower eyelids, for measuring the amount of strip soaked with your tears.
  • Not leaving matters indefinite, Dr. Jayaram uses special dyes in eye drops to determine your eyes’ surface condition. In this process, she looks for any staining patterns on the corneas and evaluates how long it takes for your tears to evaporate.

So, choose premium quality service by getting an appointment with us at EllevateMD.

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