ellevate Botox

Whether you choose to have this performed in a concierge type fashion or right in the office, you can rest assure that you will be getting smooth, even, and natural results

  • Dr. J employs a special “nano-droplet” technique that ensures natural and even results
  • She customizes your treatment to your face, treating various muscles of different strengths differently
  • She is particularly skilled in avoiding the dreaded eyelid droop or eyebrow spock given her intense understanding of eyelid anatomy
  • She will develop a long term plan for you, in order to minimize your development of wrinkles over time
  • She has the most gentle touch and constantly updates her treatment techniques to result in the least pain possible
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ellevate Botox


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Ellevate Botox Reviews

I had tried Botox several times before, but never realized, I was getting it wrong! Dr. J showed me what good results look like!

Caren D

I had no idea that Botox could be used to correct my asymmetric eyes! I am thrilled with these results!

Mary P

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