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Try one of the most client-satisfying procedures, the cheek augmentation, in order to minimize lines around the mouth, give a mini-lift, and enhance your profile appearance

  • Dr. J prides herself on perfect placement of filler here, ensuring just the right amount of lift
  • This one simple injection can fix many problems, such as folds along the mouth, jowl lines, and lower lid abnormalities
  • Like all fillers, Dr. J does this in a quick and relatively painless fashion

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ellevate Cheeks Reviews

I thought I had wanted filler around my mouth, but Dr. J explained to me that filler in the cheek would help my lines in a more natural way. I’m so glad I listened to her because my filler looks great!

Lydia N

After age 35, I felt my cheeks were falling down! But then in one quick and painless 15 minute session, they were back where they started!

Kara J

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