Ellevate Lower Lid Bag Treatment

If true bags under your eyes are the actual problem, consult with Dr. J about her incision-less, scar-less, one-and-done lower lid surgery techniques

  • Dr. Jayaram does lower lid surgery in such a way that there are no visible incisions or stitches
  • She is conservative with her technique so you never have to worry about appearing “hollowed out”
  • She is a true eyelid expert, mitigating many of the dreaded risks to both eye safety and vision during this technical procedure
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ellevate Lower lid Bag Treatment


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Liquid Lower Lids


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Lower Lids


Ellevate Lower Lid Bag Treatment Reviews

My bags under my eyes had been bothering me almost my whole life—and just like that, after a quick surgery, they were gone! I look so much more refreshed!

Nancy N

I really appreciated how Dr. J took the time to educate me on the risks of this procedure, and what she does as a specialist to avoid these risks. I went into this surgery feeling calm and at ease

Linda P

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