EllevateLids Upper Lid Lift

Dr. Jayaram is quickly gaining recognition for her most sought out and most commonly performed procedure, “Ellevate Lid Lift.”

  • Performed in the comfort of the office in just 30 minutes
  • Done under local anesthesia with almost no discomfort
  • Very minimal downtime, small amounts of bruising and swelling resolve within one week
    Incisions heal very well leaving virtually no scar
  • Dissolvable sutures melt away on their own in about one week, so no suture removal is necessary
  • Dr. J’s ophthalmology background ensures a natural result and minimizes any chance for complications
  • Occasionally, this procedure may be covered by insurance

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ellevate Lids


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Ellevate Upper Lids Reviews

I can’t say enough good things about this—quick, easy, painless, natural—the best decision I’ve ever made!

Erica O

She is truly a genius with this quick and easy surgery! If you are even sort of thinking about it, do this immediately!

Tina L

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