Eye Allergies

Treat Your Eye Allergies with EllevateMD

EllevateMD believes in premium eye care and customized solutions. Spearheading the charge for conducting innovative testing, Dr. Jayaram diagnoses whether you have allergic conjunctivitis or an eye infection. Through using a slit-lamp microscope, she checks for any signs of eye allergies by viewing your eyes in 3D. Observing your eyes from both inside and outside, she checks whether there are any swollen blood vessels on your eyes’ surface. Dedicated to providing you relief and offering advanced eye care, Dr. Jayaram addresses the following allergy symptoms:

  • Clear, Watery discharge
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Tearing & Runny Eyes
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Swollen or Puffy Eyelids
  • Soreness & Pain in Your Eyes


By asking about your family’s history of allergies and your medical history, Dr. Jayaram works to address your eye allergies in an all-embracing manner. Firmly believing in providing reliable results, we also test for a specific type of white blood cell in your eye. This is done to test whether you have allergic conjunctivitis or if your allergies are severe. Being a board-certified ophthalmologist and a oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Jayaram employs a broad-spectrum approach to relieve you of your allergies.

Eye Specialist with a Customized Approach

Having performed over 5,000 eyelid procedures, Dr. Jayaram is a specialist in eye anatomy. We are highly familiar with how allergic reactions and frustrating symptoms occur when a specific allergen comes in contact with the antibodies in your eyes. Drawing upon this knowledge, we provide you relief from intolerable eye allergies that impact your daily life and vision. By using the latest tools and equipment for determining your allergies, EllevateMD diagnoses and helps build a line of defense against a variety of allergens.

After undertaking a slit-lamp microscope examination, Dr. Jayaram acquires a closer look at the different structures within your eye. Playing a critical role in determining your eye health, Dr. Jayaram assesses whether you’re allergic to dust, mold, smoke, pollen, dande, etcr. By acquiring a comprehensive understanding of your eye allergies, EllevateMD provides you a customized course of action.


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