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Dr. Jayaram uses a variety of instruments for evaluating eye diseases and for testing your vision. Using a personalized approach, EllevateMD carries out eye exams that give you a comprehensive overview on your eye health. Being a trained oculoplastic surgeon and board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Jayaram combines her passion for patient care and medical acumen for a successful mix. After detecting your eye problems, we work with great care when treating your condition. Be it a glaucoma procedure, cataract surgery or laser treatment, Dr. Jayaram handles her procedures by relying on her extensive knowledge and experience.

Rather than allowing ‘”silent,” problems to fester in the long-run, take matters into your own hands by getting eye exams at EllevateMD. Firmly believing that supporting your eye health is of paramount importance, we conduct several different tests to assess your eye health. Providing full eye care, Dr. Jayaram is licensed for diagnosing and treating complex eye diseases, prescribing corrective lenses, performing eye surgeries, and evaluating vision. With years of experience behind us, you won’t experience any inconveniences at EllevateMD.

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An Exceptional Service for Your Eye Health

Immaterial of the patient’s age, we conduct a full range of corrective eye procedures for restoring their vision to optimal conditions. Our eye exams are centered on responding to your needs, which is why they comprise the following:

  • You are asked to provide your medical history and state any vision problems that you’re experiencing.
  • Jayaram measures your visual acuity to assess whether you need contact lenses or glasses to improve your vision.
  • Your eyes are given numbing drops for checking your eye pressure.
  • Your pupils are dilated for examining the health of the retina and optic nerve.

Being critical for assessing your eye health, these tests ensure that you don’t experience vision loss. Eye diseases can go undetected for years, so our comprehensive eye exams give you the opportunity to detect and treat any eye disease at its beginning stages. Bringing a personal touch to each consultation, we inform and educate you regarding any eye procedure you inquire about to your satisfaction.

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