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Target Specific Skin Conditions With Fraxel Laser

It is natural for our skin to lose its elasticity, youthfulness and glow. With the amount of environmental pollutants and aging it experiences, our skin begins to show sign of texture, pores, scarring, spots and hyperpigmentation. The combined effort of these signs cause your complexion to look dull and lack-luster. Firmly believing in providing you a customized service, we create a treatment map of your face, neck and décolletage. EllevateMD brings to you a painless, effective and reliable Fraxel laser therapy, where each specific skin concern of yours is addressed. Be it uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines or sun spots, Fraxel laser works to bring back the vitality and liveliness of your face. Helping you achieve perfect texture and fresher looking skin, Fraxel laser resurfaces your skin in an innovative manner.

Restore Your Skin with Collagen-Inducing Fraxel Therapy

By taking years off your appearance, you get to look younger than your age with Fraxel laser. An ingenious technique, Fraxel tricks your skin into replacing damaged skin with new skin. A non-invasive and safe procedure, you get to see quick results, without a prolonged downtime like other procedures. Whether you have moderate, mild or severely damaged skin texture, Fraxel laser can be fine-tuned to meet your needs. A product of a revolutionary technology, Fraxel penetrates deep into your skin’s cellular structure, and by targeting pigmentation, stretch marks, post-operative scars and irregular skin texture, gives you lasting results.

Targeting specific skin conditions, you can treat delicate areas, such as your chest, hands and neck. After undergoing the procedure at EllevateMD, you’ll see progressively brighter and smoother looking skin. Healing over the course of few days, your skin will look younger and better. With Fraxel laser offering rejuvenating effects, you can erase years of aging from your skin.

Rather than undergoing procedures that require longer healing periods and are painful, Fraxel therapy gives you a faster option to treat your unique skin type, condition and concern. Continuing to create collagen three-six months post the procedure, a Fraxel laser session is what you need.

Address Specific Skin Conditions with Our Laser Service in Menlo Park

Well-aware of how aging, sunspots and environmental pollutants can damage your skin, our laser treatment plan works to resurface your skin. Typically taking between 10-21 days to heal, your skin begins to peel post a laser resurfacing treatment. Working to addresses wrinkles around your face, scarring from acne, and irregular texture, our laser treatment brings back the glow of your skin. Visit us for laser in Menlo Park.

Unfamiliar with the given procedure, we inform and educate you to help you make an informed decision. Vaporizing damaged skin cells located at surface-level, laser treatment works to tackle enlarged oil glands, facial lines and several other skin conditions. If all you need is a reliable, professional and experienced skin center, visiting us for laser in San Francisco is the perfect option.


Rejuvenate, Revive & Heal Your Skin with Laser Treatments

Improving your complexion and reducing the appearance of fine lines, laser resurfacing works to give your skin a renewed texture. Not suitable for excessive skin, sagging skin, or stretch marks, laser treatments must be administered appropriately. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of what works where, we recommend solutions that work for your skin type, lifestyle, and address your specific concerns. Relying on a treatment map created for your face and neck, Dr. J brings forth her gentle touch and meticulous precision when carrying out laser treatments.
We bring to you Fraxel DUAL Laser, so you can take advantage of stimulated growth for new skin cells. With youthful vibrancy reflecting on your skin, your skin’s appearance will look better than it did before.

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