Prescription Glasses

Customized Prescription Glasses for Optimized Eye Health

Each EllevateMD client receives personalized service, where each of their concerns are addressed. Not limited to carrying out tests and recommending appropriate procedures, we strongly believe in educating our clientele. By creating a wholesome experience (it being our defining characteristic), patients are informed regarding the risks, benefits and reasons associated with any test we undertake. Being an oculoplastic surgeon and board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Jayaram makes decisions regarding your eye health by understanding your specific eye problems. Using a wide-variety of eye tests, EllevateMD examines your vision with the aim of restoring it to its optimal health.

A Systematic Process for Prescribing Glasses

Through comprehensive eye exams, we ensure that our patients receive glasses prescriptions that are tailored for them. Wielding years of experience and being specialists in providing professional eye care, the following are our steps for prescribing new glasses:

  • Jayaram recommends options by drawing upon your medical history. This overview details a list of medications that can impact your eyesight paired with any given medical conditions. With unparalleled attention to detail, we make sure that we know whether you engage in any activities that may require you to wear specialized eyewear.
  • After a general overview of your health, EllevateMD administers tests that help us evaluate your eye health. For measuring the sharpness of your vision, we administer a visual acuity test (eye-chart test).
  • Using the latest tools and equipment, we carry out a series of automated and objective measurements. For determining whether your vision is deteriorating in any area, we make use of a visual field machine.
  • Firmly focused on providing all-inclusive service, we check the pressure of your eyes with a tonometer for assessing whether you have glaucoma or not. Taking corneal thickness into consideration by relying on our state-of-the-art equipment, we provide you reliable results.
  • Jayaram measures your corneal curvatures and estimated prescription by relying on a highly-precise autorefractor.

If Dr. Jayaram deems your eyes to be healthy, then you’re simply provided prescription glasses for restoring your vision’s impairment.

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