ellevate lid lift

Dr. Jayaram is quickly gaining recognition for her most sought after and most commonly
performed procedure, the ellevate lid lift. Here is some information on this widely popular
*Performed in the comfort of the office in just 30 minutes
*Done under local anesthesia only with no pain or discomfort, and no need for systemic
*Almost no downtime and bruising/swelling resolve in one week
*skin incisions are well hidden and well-healing, and dissolvable stitches melt away on their
own in 2 weeks
*Because of Dr. Jayaram’s ophthalmology background, she always aims for a natural result
and never encounters issues associated with too much skin removal such as dry eye, a
“surprised or “pulled” look, or inability to close the eye.
*the ellevate lift is one of the quickest and easiest ways to restore a rested and rejuvenated
appearance to the face
*Occasionally, if the eyelids block a portion of the vision, this signature procedure can be
covered totally or in part by insurance

Example before/after

Eyelid Lift Reviews:
*This was the best decision of my life, I only wish I did it sooner. It was quick, painfree, and left
me feeling like the best version of myself.
*This is a truly unique surgeon—she makes the procedure so comfortable that you wonder why
you ever contemplated going through with it.

ellevate Botox

In a world where almost everyone is trying to perform Botox, there are a few things that make
the signature ellevate botox treatment so popular among smart and busy women:
*as an eyelid expert, Dr. Jayaram ensures the avoidance of the most dreaded complication of
Botox, which is the droopy or “spocked” eyelid
*Dr. Jayaram employs her self-developed “nano-droplet” technique, where she employs tiny
aliquots of product rather than large boluses to achieve a natural and even result
*Not all wrinkles are the same, and they should be treated as such—for that reason, Dr.
Jayaram uses different dilutions of Botox for different areas of the face, and these decisions
are all customized to your particular case
*Dr. Jayaram has become well known for her techniques in correcting assymmetry—if you
have concerns about differences in brow or eyelid height, this is the answer you have been
looking for!
*in 7-10 days, if each area treated is not absolutely perfect, you are welcome to have anything
touched up completely complementary

*Dr. Jayaram does her best to try to keep clients on a 3-4 month schedule for treatments to
achieve the greatest long term results—complete prevention and or elimination of lines and
wrinkles altogether
*Dr. Jayaram offers this service as a concierge treatment in the comfort of your own home
or office, or in the setting of groups of friends. Contact us to find out more.

ellevate Botox Reviews:

*I have been to many different places for Botox, and none have been like my experience with
Dr. Jayaram. She was kind, patient, explained my treatment and goals to me, the treatment was
painless, and my results were flawless
I was so worried about appearing too “frozen.” Dr. Jayaram did a light treatment on me and told
me if I needed more a touch up would be complementary. She did such a great job that I did not
even need a touch up and my results were perfectly natural.

ellevate Fillers

As an eyelid surgeon and expert, Dr. Jayaram is known for her undereye filler treatments. This
natural and conservative treatment can help the appearance of bags, dark circles, or
hollows under the eyes, as well as give a refreshed appearance. Given the delicacy and
fragility of this particular area, this is a particular treatment that should be left to those extremely
familiar with the anatomy of the eyelid region. In addition to eyelid fillers, Dr. Jayaram also
specializes in cheek augmentation as well as subtle and natural lip enhancement.

*I was so nervous to get my lower lids filled. Dr. Jayaram walked me through every part of the
procedure, and not only was the experience painless, but I was thrilled with my results.
*I have always been afraid of filling my lips for fear of looking fake. Dr. Jayaram spaced used
half a vial of filler to give me a gentle enhancement, and gave me options for what to do with the
rest of my vial. I really appreciated the conservative approach.

ellevate Skin

There are many different options for skin care out there but when it comes to today’s busy and
educated woman, we need more results with less downtime. After demo-ing nearly ever laser
available, Dr. Jayaram now offers the multimodality ?? laser for skin tightening, resurfacing,
wrinkle reduction, tone/texture improvement, as well as pigment correction. Try these
services either in a package or a la carte and see the difference just a few sessions can make.
Every laser service will be paired with a custom consultation to make sure you are on the best
skin care regimen for your unique skin type.

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