Tearing Evaluations

A Customized Tearing Evaluation with EllevateMD

Developing a successful treatment plan is where EllevateMD dominates. Excessive watering or tearing of the eyes is a common problem manageable with appropriate diagnosis and treatment. By determining the underlying cause, we help pin-point a specific disorder for treatment. With a variety of disorders responsible for excessive tearing, our comprehensive tearing evaluations give you a complete overview on your eye health and condition. Possessing years of experience and being a board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Jayaram brings a combination of knowledge and compassion to patient-care.

With your satisfaction being EllevateMD‘s key priority, we carry out tearing evaluations to assess whether any of the giving conditions are a cause for your condition.


Dry Eyes

If you’re experiencing dry eyes, then you’re more susceptible to excessive tearing. Without normal tear production, the surface of your eyes become drier and drier leading your eyes to get irritated. This irritation leads your tears to pour out.

Lacrimal (Tear Duct) Obstruction

The lacrimal duct works to drain tears away from your eyes. If you’re experiencing blockage in this duct, then excessive tears can accumulate in your eyes.

Eyelid Disorder

If your lower eyelids are scarred, droopy or paralyzed, then they are more prone to tearing.

Allergic Eye Disease

Being sensitive to outdoor and indoor allergies can cause symptoms of redness, tearing and itching.

Relying on our experience and attention to detail, we conduct eye examinations and assess your medical history for planning an appropriate course of action. By performing a variety of tests, such as Epithelial Staining and The Schirmer Test and by using a variety of equipment, EllevateMD conducts comprehensive tearing evaluations. Be it a LipiScan, an InflammaDry or a Tear Breakup Time test, each of our recommended tests works to restore your eye health.

Consult A Board-Certified Ophthalmologist for an Appropriate Tearing Evaluation

If pain, redness, heavy eyelids, a stringy discharge or gritty feeling are a common occurrence for your eyes, then a consultation with an ophthalmologist is a step in the right direction. Rather than endure uncomfortable eye symptoms, visit EllevateMD to undergo tests that can bring about lasting change.

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