Woman Crush Wednesday: Shareen Rivera

Woman Crush Wednesday: Shareen Rivera

Who: Shareen Rivera, Ghostwriter and Founder and CEO of Rising Above Publishing Services

What Does She Do: I write and publish people’s books 🙂

Empowerment Advice: Believe in yourself enough to share your truth, even if it’s only with yourself on paper. Sharing is an integral part of healing.

Favorite Beauty Services: I am a whole new woman when my hair and nails are done.

Favorite Beauty Products: Face masks from GlamGlow

Skincare Routine: GlamGlow facewash, serum, eye cream, day cream, face masks, and I also use rosehip oil.

General Overview of a Typical Day: Kids to school, workout, meditate, bath, work until it’s time to pick my kids up, then it’s the balancing act of work, kids, dinner, and homework until bedtime.

Favorite Fashion of the Moment: My Workout clothes

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: Networking at women empowerment events that I attend or speak at and with my clients. All my clients inspire me every day.

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