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If you’re looking for a non-surgical facial enhancement option, look no further than dermal fillers at ellevateMD. In Menlo Park, California, Ann Jayaram, MD, treats under eye circles, flat lips, facial wrinkles, and other facial features using injectable fillers that last for six months or longer. To schedule your dermal filler consultation, call the office or book online today.

Fillers Q & A

ellevate Cheek Filler:

*subtle and painless way to give yourself a mini mid face lift

*accentuates your own natural cheek bone and side profile view

*softens nasolabial folds as well as jowls

ellevate Lip Filler:

*primary goal is to optimize upper to lower lip size ratio and fix any asymmetry

*very subtle and natural results

*special technique with different type of syringe to minimize pain

ellevate Lower Lid Filler:

*first and foremost, get an eyelid professional’s opinion on whether or not you are a good candidate for this procedure

*ensure your lower lid filler is done correctly by having it down with a board certified eyelid plastic surgeon

*subtle and natural results with product placed at correct depth to eliminate chance of blue effect or lumps/irregularities

What are fillers?

Fillers are cosmetic injectable products with thick consistencies that sit under your skin in targeted areas. They boost volume in targeted areas with subtlety to influence your facial contours and profile. At ellevateMD, Dr. Jayaram uses fillers by Restylane® and Juvéderm®.

Often, aging can change your facial contours due to natural subdermal fat loss and the loss of collagen. Using her keen eye for aesthetics and working with your natural facial structure, Dr. Jayaram carefully injects fillers to highlight your best facial features and make you look more youthful.

Dr. Jayaram starts your filler treatment, or any other cosmetic treatment at ellevateMD, with a one-on-one consultation. After careful planning, she can perform your fillers treatment in just 30 minutes and create results that last for six months or longer.

Which areas can I treat with fillers?

Dr. Jayaram has extensive training in targeting certain areas of the face with dermal fillers, which often lose volume or lack it to begin with. Losing facial volume contributes to wrinkles, asymmetry, and other features that you might think distract from your natural beauty.

At ellevateMD, you can get fillers for your:

Under eyes

Treating the lower lids with fillers can be tricky, but Dr. Jayaram has a background in ophthalmology that helps her get the results you want without complications. Fillers under the eyes can diminish dark circles, eye bags, and wrinkles.


Fillers are especially popular for the lips. They can make your lips plumper, poutier, and more symmetrical or proportionate to each other. 


Cheek fillers help create a rounder and more youthful facial shape. They can even provide a slight lifting effect for better definition.

What is the recovery period like after fillers?

Fillers require very little recovery time since the procedure doesn’t involve any incisions. You can expect any bruising or lingering discomfort to go away within just a day or two, and you can return to your everyday activities right away when you leave the ellevateMD office.

You should avoid vigorous exercise for at least a couple of days and try not to rub your face. Rubbing the areas near the injection points can move the filler product around before it settles.

If you have any discomfort or inflammation after treatment with fillers, you can use over-the-counter pain relievers to ease those symptoms.

Fillers are an excellent option for adding volume and lifting the face without surgery. Request an appointment at ellevateMD over the phone or online today.


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Ellevate Lip Filler Before and Afters

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Ellevate Fillers

Dr. J Employs A Subtle, Conservative, And Natural Approach To Fillers In The Tear Troughs, Cheek, And Lip Area To Help Augment And Define Your Facial Profile

  • Performed in the comfort of the office in just 30 minutes
  • Very minimal downtime, small amounts of bruising and swelling resolve within one week Incisions heal very well leaving virtually no scar
  • Dr. J’s ophthalmology background ensures a natural result and minimizes any chance for complications
Ellevate Fillers

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