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Drooping eyelids don’t just affect the way you look; they can partially block your vision and lead to forehead strain too. At ellevate MD,  Ann Jayaram, MD, can treat droopy upper lids with a lid lift, leaving minimal or no scarring. To schedule a one-on-one consultation for a lid lift, request an appointment over the phone or online at ellevate MD today.

Lid Lift Q & A

What is a lid lift?

A lid lift, the most popular procedure at ellevateMD, is an in-office procedure to lift the upper eyelids, which can become droopier with age.

Also called ellevate lids, the procedure takes just 30 minutes to complete and can widen your eyes without preventing you from closing them or causing dry eye.

During the procedure, Dr. Jayaram removes excess sagging skin from above each of your eyes. This skin changes due to the loss of collagen and elastin associated with aging. Sometimes, it’s merely a cosmetic issue.

In other cases, the drooping skin can obstruct your eyesight. If this is the case for you, your insurance may cover the procedure.

When you first come in, Dr. Jayaram examines your eyelids and takes your personal anatomy into consideration. Then, she plans your lid lift with careful precision.

What should I expect during a lid lift?

Your lid lift at ellevateMD is painless and straightforward. Dr. Jayaram administers local anesthesia shortly before the procedure starts, which numbs your eyelids and the area around them. She then marks the areas where she plans to make the incisions and places protective shields over your eyes.

Dr. Jayaram uses a cautery or laser device to make incisions and remove small pockets of excess fat and skin from the upper eyelids. She repositions the lids by elevating them before closing the incisions with dissolvable sutures.

You won’t need to come back for removal of the sutures. They go away by themselves in about a week when the incision heals.

What should I expect during the recovery period after a lid lift?

An ellevateMD lid lift requires very little recovery time, and Dr. Jayaram makes sure you know how to care for your eyes during the sensitive time after surgery. You might experience some minor swelling and bruising as your eyelids heal, but these side effects subside within a week.

Once your incisions heal, there is virtually no remaining scarring. 

You learn a lot about lid lifts and what to expect before the procedure starts. However, if you have any questions during the recovery, don’t hesitate to contact ellevateMD.

An ellevate lid lift removes excess skin above the eyes to awaken and revitalize your appearance. Schedule a consultation at ellevateMD by phone or online today.

Ellevate Upper Lids Before and Afters

Cosmetic Lid Lift Before and After Image
Cosmetic Lid Lift Before and After Image

Ellevate Lid Lift

Dr. Jayaram Is Quickly Gaining Recognition For Her Most Sought Out And Most Commonly Performed Procedure, “Ellevate Lid Lift.”

  • Performed in the comfort of the office in just 30 minutes
  • Done under local anesthesia with almost no discomfort
  • Very minimal downtime, small amounts of bruising and swelling resolve within one
    week Incisions heal very well leaving virtually no scar
  • Dissolvable sutures melt away on their own in about one week, so no suture removal is necessary
  • Dr. J’s ophthalmology background ensures a natural result and minimizes any chance for complications
  • Occasionally, this procedure may be covered by insurance
Ellevate Lid Lift

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I can’t say enough good things about this—quick, easy, painless, natural—the best decision I’ve ever made!

Erica O

This has been the best experience ever! My eyes and face compliment each other more than they ever have. Thank you Dr. J!

Makayla C