Woman Crush Wednesday: Carolyn Penner

Woman Crush Wednesday: Carolyn Penner

Who: Carolyn Penner

What Does She Do: Brand and Communications Consultant, with a focus on early-stage consumer tech companies

Empowerment Advice: Practice self-awareness and self-compassion — know your strengths, lean into those: know your weaknesses, ask for help and advice with those.

Favorite Beauty Services: all of them Fraxel completely changed my skin a few years ago though so I’ll pick that.

Favorite Beauty Products: hyaluronic acid, dermaroller, sunscreen. I also have a serum I get from my acupuncturist called Sami and it is incredible.

Skincare Routine: Sami and sunscreen in the AM; double cleanse with a gentle cleanser at night and on some nights will dermaroll or exfoliate + under eye cream, hyaluronic acid

General Overview of a Typical Day: these days it’s a lot of time – more than I care to admit – on Zoom calls, talking to current or potential clients. I try to take walking phone calls as a way to get outside and move when I can.

Favorite Fashion of the Moment: oh gosh what is fashion right now? I’ve been living in leggings and a hoodie since last March. But bombers and high top sneakers are a favorite combo that I’m excited to get back into.

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: group texts and phone dates

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