Woman Crush Wednesday: Clara Sieg

Woman Crush Wednesday: Clara Sieg

Who: Clara Sieg

What does she do: Partner & Co-Founder, Revolution Ventures

Empowerment advice: Confidence is a mindset.

Favorite beauty services: Microneedling

Favorite beauty products: NuFace (I don’t actually know if it works but the placebo effect feels good) and Higherdose infrared sauna blanket (same disclaimer)

Skincare Routine: Wake up my skin with lukewarm water then vitamin c serum then squalane oil before doing my gua sha routine. Throw on rhonda allison sunscreen and go. Nighttime is cleanse, use my NuFace, and finish with nighttime moisturizer. Exfoliate 3-4x / week in the shower with Isla beauty’s snow scrub. It’s insane and my favorite skincare product right now.

General overview of a typical day: I wake up early so I have time to myself to putter around, drink coffee, read, and clear my mind before things get going. Then I workout (with covid I’m doing a lot of peloton outdoor classes, melissa wood health, and swimming in our lake until it gets too cold) before I throw my hair in a bun and prepare to get thrashed by a day of back-to-back zooms. When the work day ends, I head out to our garden, pick whatever looks ripe and good, and make dinner. Cooking is therapeutic for me and a time to be a little creative and completely free from my phone, so I really reject ordering in (and eating out with a mask doesn’t sound fun). We’ll go for an evening walk or just read until I go to bed at a geriatric hour.

Favorite fashion of the moment: Very into jumpsuits right now because they’re a notch above sweatpants and make me feel slightly more like a human in the era of “do people still wear pants?”. Apiece Apart has amazing, more tailored versions.

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: in normal life, Verjus wine bar. In covid life, I’ve upgraded our picnic blanket collection and love a good afternoon in the park.

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