Woman Crush Wednesday: Erin Boyce

Woman Crush Wednesday: Erin Boyce

Who: Erin Boyce

What does she do: Director of Product Marketing for Photography at Adobe. What that really means – helping people who love photography or are just getting started find our products (Lightroom and Photoshop!) and learn to use them so they can create stunning images.

Empowerment advice: Successful leadership comes in many flavors – but authenticity is always at the core. Particularly early in your career, it can feel like there is one set of attributes that make a successful leader – it’s simply not true. Once I realized this, I felt empowered to test new styles and push my comfort zone but always with a belief that if it didn’t feel authentic, it’s okay – and that I will eventually find the right fit for me.

Favorite beauty services: Monthly facials and Botox 3x/year (pre-pandemic!)

Favorite beauty products: I swear my face feels a little younger everytime I apply Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum. Love the silky texture of Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen to wear under makeup without the greasy residue. Never leave the house without a quick coat of Diorshow Mascara.

Skincare Routine: I keep it pretty simple – gentle face wash + serum, moisturizer and eye cream in morning and night. Clay face mask on weekends (although realistcally it’s every few weeks). And of course sunscreen anytime I’m out during the day!

General overview of a typical day: Wake at 5:30-6 to walk the dog and grab my Philz – I really don’t have time for exercise these days so I really value getting some alone time and a brisk walk in, even just for 20 minutes. Then, heads down in work from 7am-5pm with a quick break to make lunch. At 5pm our nanny leaves so it’s playtime, dinner and bedtime routine until 8pm with my 1.5 year old daughter. From 8-9pm I finally get one hour of downtime with my husband (realistically just watching a show – we agree on anything crime/mystery). Usually exhausted and in bed by 9:30-10!

Favorite fashion of the moment: Obviously lululemons on bottom and a cute sweater on top for video conference calls all day.

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: Not necessarily a “hot spot” but I love more than anything an evening at a girl friend’s apartment where we can celebrate each others successes and support each through our lows. Walks have been an okay replacement during the pandemic but desperately missing my girls nights.

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