Woman Crush Wednesday: Samantha Collins

Woman Crush Wednesday: Samantha Collins

Who: Samantha Collins

What does she do: Management consulting

Empowerment advice: The world needs our unique gifts. Where we show up authentically, we change the world. Re: Empowerment advice — don’t rely on advice from others my journey has shown it’s most important to: 1) know yourself, 2) trust your knowing and your mind, 3) lead by example, 4) have humility, and 5) continuously learn and adapt!

Favorite beauty services: Massages

Favorite beauty products: Rose hip oil

Skincare Routine: no skincare routine! I use hand soap to wash my face (shh)

General overview of a typical day: Wake up early to natural light, tune into what my feelings/needs are, meditate, coffee routine, prioritize my day, zoom meetings, walk outside, reflect, early to bed

Favorite fashion of the moment: fashion=whatever I feel good IN! Yoga pants and cashmere sweaters are my fav at the moment

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: Ellevated women are all around us—connecting with women anywhere consistently reveals the insights and depth of thinking have have naturally. Let us keep shining out light!!

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