Woman Crush Wednesday: Sarah Adams,

Woman Crush Wednesday: Sarah Adams,

What does she do: Lead our Startup Growth team at Plaid. Plaid makes money easier for consumers by being the link between banks and fintech apps (such as Venmo). The Startup Growth team makes sure our customers are able to successfully launch and grow on our platform.

Empowerment advice: “The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim too low and reach it.” -Michelangelo. This quote has always resonated with me, and by dreaming big I’ve been able to achieve big. And the first step to achieving big starts with you believing in yourself.

Favorite beauty services: Getting a blow out when I’m feeling #fancy, and painting my nails – it’s the best “me” time where I have to just relax since I can’t use my hands for 20 min

Favorite beauty products: Chanel “Rouge Ink” (lipstain) in a bold red, Nars concealer, and the Dior “Diorshow” mascara

Skincare Routine: Caudalie moisturizing toner, Belief’s Aquabomb face lotion, and Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer with SPF for mornings; at night, I use Tretinoin, Caudalie’s toner, and Belief’s Aquabomb face lotion

General overview of a typical day: I wake up at a leisurely 8am and check emails, then make a garden scramble or avocado toast for breakfast. My calls typically start at 9am where I’m meeting with internal teams and customers – my goal is to help make Plaid as easy as possible for businesses to launch and grow on the platform. I’ll usually make salad or eat leftovers for lunch, and reserve the afternoon for deep work and strategy planning, complete with a handful (or two) of chocolate chips. If I hit that 3pm wall I go for a 4-5 mile run, then wrap up work and will grab dinner with friends or sneak in a date! Then I unwind by reading before bed.

Favorite fashion of the moment: That it’s acceptable to wear sweatpants all day – I live in my Aviator Nations while I work.

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: Instagram or over wine at The Snug or Wildseed

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