Woman Crush Wednesday: Shaheen Khosla

Woman Crush Wednesday: Shaheen Khosla

This week we would like to highlight the amazingly talented Shaheen Khosla, Dermatologist and founder of Khosla Dermatology, as our #wcw! Read below to learn more about her and some tips she has shared with us!

Who: Dr. Shaheen Khosla

What does she do: Board Certified Dermatologist, Founder of Pacific Coast Dermatology and Wellness Center

Empowerment advice: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken

Favorite beauty services: Botox, Chemical peels, and Micro-needling with PRP

Favorite beauty products: Aidin & Anya skin care, exclusively at PCD & Wellness Center

Skincare Routine: Cetaphil gentle cleanser as face wash both morning and night. Anti-oxidant serum rich in Vitamin C, E and Ferulic acid, moisturizer with growth factors, sunblock in the am. PM – substitute sunblock for retinol!

General overview of a typical day: Get kids ready for school, get myself ready for work. Patient’s all day, pick up kids from school, dinner, bath, bedtime, watch favorite TV show with husband, sleep. Squeeze in yoga or spin class if time permits, meaning if kids permit me to do so.

Favorite fashion of the moment: Fig scrubs as that is all the rage right now!

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: I love tea time at Mints and Honey in San Carlos

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