Woman Crush Wednesday: Vanessa Guajardo

Woman Crush Wednesday: Vanessa Guajardo

Who: Vanessa Guajardo

What Does She Do: Senior Vice President of Marketing at US Capital Global

Empowerment Advice: Always act more confident than you feel in the workplace (not cocky, but confident)

Favorite Beauty Services: IPL or Botox

Favorite Beauty Products: SkinCeuticals & Latisse

Skincare Routine: Always drink 1-2 gallons of water a day if possible, lol. Moisturize morning and evening if not more often. Retinol and peels every so often.

General Overview of a Typical Day: Everyday varies quite a bit, even with covid. I used to work in a high-rise office; but I immensely like working from home/remotely. It’s allowed me to have more time for myself. It’s also allowed time at home with my roommates over near Dolores park, more time with my boyfriend in the FiDi, family in Santa Barbara, and friends in Lake Tahoe; even with social distancing, keeping everyone healthy and safe. I work Monday-Friday and enjoy my weekend adventures wine tasting or hiking with my boyfriend Louis. Try to pelaton a few times a week to stay active, and snowboard whenever possible. (Currently at The Yellowstone Club in Montana.) I paint and play the piano occasionally.
Favorite Fashion of the Moment: Baseball hats with high end outfits.

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: Whatsapp/IG – ?

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