Woman Crush Wednesday: Yuna Rapoport

Woman Crush Wednesday: Yuna Rapoport

Who: Yuna Rapoport, MD MPH

What does she do: Cataract, Cornea and Refractive surgeon who started her own ophthalmology practice Manhattan Eye.

Empowerment advice: You’re only ever competing with yourself. Be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday and you have succeeded.

Favorite beauty services: Don’t get many! highlights and manicures – important to have nice nails while being a surgeon – and getting the massage at the same time as the manicure is the highlight!

Favorite beauty products:

Chanel light foundation- Vitalumiere Aqua – a friend turned me onto this years ago and I have been faithful to it since then and Chanel Inimitable black mascara- pretty much the only things I use daily.

Skincare Routine:

Pretty much all drugstore brands! Remove eye makeop with Lancome Bifacile oil free eye makeup remover. Remove face makeup with neutrogena wipes. Wash my face with gentle Cetaphil cleanser. Then wipe face with a toner like Cliniques clarifying toner – important to not get one too strong because then will be peeling, especially during winter. Then tretinoin either 0.025 or 0.05%, and not too strong otherwise will peel. On occasion then a serum like Vitamin C or Q10. Then an overall night moisturizer like Olay Regenerist, and an eye cream like Shiseido’s eye cream. Phew! I guess its a lot. This doesnt all happen nightly:)

I think its important to remind people to help care for their eyelids. Most women are removing eye makeup and are better at this- but there is an accumulation of debris and of bacteria at the base of our lashes that leads to blepharitis and doing 30 seconds of heat followed by a foam called Ocusfort is very helpful.

General overview of a typical day:

Each day starts with a walk to the dog run down the street with my dog Bowie. Best part of the day!

Then there is no typical- sometimes I am seeing patients for consultations or in office procedures in one of 2 offices, sometimes I am headed to the Operating Room, and sometimes to perform lasers. Running my own practice, there is always administrative work to do in between clinical care, and at all hours in the evenings. I try to run in Central Park with Bowie f it’s not too late when I get back, and will see friends on occasion at night.

And I travel a lot! So sometimes the day starts with a trip to the airport heading to the Bahamas to kitesurf or the mountains to ski.

Favorite fashion of the moment: Floral dresses! And really flowers on anything- sweaters, skirts, tops! (I guess not very season appropriate but I’m looking ahead:)

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: IG, Twitter – @yunarapoportmd,
email- mailto:dr.rapoport@manhattaneyenyc.com, and now Clubhouse- @yunarapoportmd

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