Women Crush Wednesday: Jen Martinez

Women Crush Wednesday: Jen Martinez

Who: Jen Martinez

What does she do: Policy Communications Manager at Facebook, aka telling stories about how Facebook keeps its systems, data, and global community secure.

Empowerment advice: Anything Netflix CMO Bozomo St. John posts on her Instagram account (@badassboz). It’s a source of inspiration to me every day!

Favorite beauty services: I’m all in about fun mani colors and changing it up! The bolder, the better.

Favorite beauty products: Anything from Drunk Elephant and KNC Beauty Supa Balm in OG Rose.

Skincare Routine: Drunk Elephant C-Firma, B-Hydra, D-Bronzi and Protini in the a.m. with EltaMD UV Elements on top. In the p.m., double cleansing oil and Drunk Elephant Beste cleanser, followed by Drunk Elephant A-Passionioni, B-Hydra Serum with F-Balm on top!

General overview of a typical day: No day is the same, which I like about my job, but now that we’re all WFH, it’s getting a little more uniform. I always start my day with coffee and writing a gratitude list on my phone and I’m a recent Peloton convert to end the day (after holding out for so long to join the bandwagon!)

Favorite fashion of the moment: The biker shorts and sweatshirt combo inspired by Princess Diana

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: I’m so thankful for the group texts I have with my girlfriends—it’s kept me sane in 2020!

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